It's widely accepted in the fireworks trade that Kimbolton produces the best selection boxes on the planet. The superb Gold Selection box includes a mixture of 23 mines, roman candles, Catherine wheels and fountains. And it gets better - one of the small wheels has been mistakenly left out so we are giving a £10 large fountain as a replacement.


2 x Pick n Mix  25 shot cakes

1 x Saturn Missile 200 shot cake 

1 x Moonraker Rocket Pack (Pack of 4)

1 x Ballistic Rocket Pack (Pack of 5)

5 x Monster Sparkler packs (25 Sparklers)

1 x Clipper Windproof Lighter 

Safety Distance F2 - 8m
Net Mass (g) 551

Kimbolton Gold Selection Box PLUS Pack

  • £176.46
  • £99.00